Your Designer Amanda Garrett

Your Designer Amanda Garrett

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Hello Gorgeous!

I thought you should know a little bit more about me, and why I do what I do.

My name is Amanda Garrett and I have been sewing for about 13 years now. The first wedding dress I created was for my sister, back in 2010. I loved the process of choosing the pattern, the fabric, and the details that would fulfill her vision of a simple, elegant, full-length dress with beading. From start to finish I was in L-O-V-E! That experience inspired me to create more dresses. As my client base grew, I realized I was hooked! In 2013, it was time to launch my business, A.M.E.G Designs. (Which is my full name, Amanda Mary Elizabeth Garret, in case you were curious ;).)

Now that’s the ‘business’ side of my story. But there’s a personal side, too. I struggled with body image issues for a really long time. For years, I suffered from never feeling happy in the clothes I was wearing — literally feeling uncomfortable in my own skin — until I created my first dress. O-M-G! It fit me perfectly and as a result, I felt fabulous! That dress made me aware that having something tailored to my own, individual shape, I not only felt more comfortable, it heightened my self image. It inspired me and, along with a lot of self-love care, I was able to see a clearer image of myself, which ultimately led to the vision for my business. My goal is to elevate and accentuate the best parts of my clients, leaving the rest behind them. Insecurities can get in the way when it comes to clothing, but why let them? There’s a simple solution…

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I am here to help illuminate your beauty from the inside out, to create your dream dress. Making your vision a reality.