Finding the Perfect Wedding dress for your body type

What do you love to wear?

You may be thinking, okay what does what kind of dress that I love wearing normally have to do with my wedding dress? SO here’s the thing, if you know what fits your body, empire waist, drop waist, fitted, flowing, etc. Then you will have a rough idea of a style that will work for your wedding day. Also, knowing your specific body type goes hand in hand with the idea of your dream dress. Every BODY is so different, that you would see a model who has a completely different body then you and love a dress but once it is on you, you realize your shape makes it look different. There is nothing wrong with this, but with custom I have found over the years, that I can adjust a gown to better fit your body instead of a cookie cutter style of dress that will end up making you feel uncomfortable.

Now I am sure that you have started creating boards and saving pictures of what you would love to wear on your wedding day. That is fabulous! Knowing the fabrics that you’re loving and the style makes it so much easier to narrow down what will make your heart sing when you try dresses on. This will then allow you to find the silhouette that will accentuate your assets and leave your less-loved characteristics out. With my help, I cut and fit a dress exactly to your shape. This means that depending on fabrics and weight lose you may only need one fitting and a final pickup. Also your alterations are INCLUDED in the price so you don’t have to worry about additional costs once you get your dress. How fantastic is that!

Now let’s talk silhouette and body type;

Petite Frame

You don’t want to wear something that you seem to be swimming in, this is mainly for us shorties out there, but if it is too big it can be overwhelming for your body.

A sheath or more fitted trumpet gown would be perfect. If you are wanting to go with a ball gown, a drop waist princess cut would work well because It will lengthen your torso and give you a bit more curve.

A plunging V-Neck with a sustainable strap, elongates that neck and draws the eye upward, which is where we want everyone to be looking anyways right?!

An empire waist style is lovely to give the illusion of long legs and flows really beautifully outward.

Simple fabric, appliques and beading that aren’t too overwhelming can be exceptional design details for you.

Curvy Frame (Hourglass)

Illusions can be your best friend (if that is what you’re looking for) or do you want a style that celebrates all your curves. then you don’t want to miss out on this!

As is for the petite women, the empire waist will give a lengthening effect pairing with a chiffon sleeved skirt, acting as a whimsical and delicate cover up.

A lace illusion styled neckline can be very slimming when paired with a cummerbund-style waistline.

Having an lace off-shoulder neckline, if you’re more narrow, can provide a beautiful long neck and show off the collar bone perfectly. Pair that with a sweetheart underlay and you’re golden. (This is one I have created several times)

Sheath can totally be the way go, creating a long and lean look while accentuating your curves at the same time. High necklines and slight trains for the win!

Accessories like a darker colour sash draws the eye in, creating a slimmer waistline.

Scoop necklines help you to avoid a strapless bra for those who have voluptuous cup size.

The dropped waist silhouette or basque waistline enhances the hourglass figure.

Long & Lean Frame (Athletic)

Most gowns were created with you in mind, as many models have a straight body type. Here are some types to give you some curves and options that not every bride can pull off like you can!

Sheath with it’s different styled necklines.

Contouring seams at the hips can create a curve for the eyes.

Show off those legs girl, with a slit at whatever length you desire, the higher the better ;)

High necklines and a full A-line skirt can balance your height while showcasing it.

Illusion necklines with trickling lace, leaving a hint of bare skin shows off your long beautiful neck.

Crop tops and skirts, yep that’s right you can do it!

Ballgowns are just right because they won’t overwhelm your tall figure.

Top Heavy (Busty)

If you have girl problems, and I mean “the girls” then this one is for you! You can reveal or conceal!

Illusion necklines paired with a sweet heart can be every bit as supportive as it is delicate and elegant.

The sweet heart with straps and a full skirt will balance your frame and keep those “girls” in check.

If you want to go strapless, you can with a straight across neckline as this actually minimizes your assets.

The square neckline is perfect because it is not too revealing and is super supportive.

You can still do a plunging V if you want to, go as deep or as high as you would like. The best part about custom is you can really choose how low you can go.

A draped cowl neck sits seamlessly over your bust allowing you to have more options with a more figure-hugging gown.

At the end of the day, try dresses on! I recommend this unless you know 100% the vision you have will be perfect for your body. I have had clients love one thing and then I need to make adjustments once we get to the first fitting because it does something to their figure they hate. The good thing is, I can change it, YAY! So ladies whatever your body type their is a dress out there for you, all you have to know is what fits you well in life, what you want and you’ll be set!

Looking for suggestions let me know, I’d be happy to discuss options that would fit you seamlessly :)

I hope this inspires you!

Your Designer,

Amanda Garrett

Wedding Veil Styles

To wear a veil or not wear

a veil that is the question?

This is a question many of my brides think about when ordering their dress. Which is one thing to do, definitely find your dress first. This way it will match and it can also be an addition to your dress. For example a chapel or cathedral veil can be the train to your dress if you don’t want one that’s too long. Veils can also be the back and shoulder covering you are envisioning that may be only for the ceremony.

Do you know the origin of the veil? Or at least where they believe it was derived? The Greeks and Romans, wore colour dresses like red to fend off evil spirits and obscured by a veil. Most times the bride-to-be could not see, so the person “giving her away” was actually guiding her down the aisle so that she would not bump into or trip over anything. It has in many cases been used to shield the brides face so that her future husband did not see her until the ceremony, especially in arranged marriages. Some say that it could have been a yellow egg yolk colour, apparently yellow was the earliest colour to be highly esteemed and was granted as an exclusive privilege to women for their bridal veils. They then evolved into religious traditions seen as a symbol of respect for women to cover their heads. When white dresses were worn to symbolize chastity, the veil then followed suit.

veil styles.png

Veil Styles


Now veils are mainly to suit a brides style, and personality. From Birdcage to cathedral each pair with the brides dress and wedding perfectly. That’s where I come in! Like previously stated, find your dress first. Then try all your accessories, veils, head pieces, belts, what ever your heart desires.

Did you choose a ball gown? SO you decided to channel your inner princess with full skirt, classic. A fingertip veil will create a even more romantic look, and blend perfectly with any tulle skirt. Which will give the illusion of a longer veil and perfect if you have lovely detailing on the skirt you want to show off. However, if your gown does not have a tulle skirt a chapel veil may be the way to go if you’d like to add more of a dramatic flair to your look. Does the back of your dress - the bodice - have more embellishments or is more revealing? A shoulder veil may be the way to go so you can allow these details to shine as you desire.

The versatile A-line silhouette is perfect for many different veil styles. Really think about the details you want to show off here, considering the back view of your gown and what you’d like everyone to see. Does your dress have lovely beading, appliqués or intricate designs? An mantilla veil or elbow veil may be one for you to choose with a thin layer of tulle. Although, if you’d prefer to wow your guests, definitely go royal — you deserve it! — with the chapel veil, cathedral veil or even a regal veil.

What about a fit and flare? The trumpet dress is in between the A-line and mermaid when it comes to the flare of the skirt, which means it is fitted close to the body until mid-thigh and then jets out. Going with a fingertip veil would coordinate wonderfully with the skirt of the gown because it would fall right around where it flares out. On the other hand a flyaway veil or birdcage veil would show off your playful side adding a fun element to your attire.

As a kid I loved the little mermaid.. I mean I still do who are we kidding lol. The mermaid gown always makes me think of the magic of being a mermaid. How she became a girl to find love and how romantic it was for them… eventually they were wonderfully in love. I think the same magic can be added with a ballet veil or knee length veil, lets just say it would make your gown cohesive and your prince in awe. AND hey go regal or go home, this dress also allows for a longer veil like a thin chapel veil or cathedral veil.

What the sheath? With the bohemian theme that has made quite the impact in the wedding industry, these simple dresses make it easy to add any style of veil and it will look stunning. Just decide how much you’d like to show off and base your decision on this. A thicker or more heavily embellished veil will add the volume to your bridal look that you may be looking for as well.

Oh the tea length dress, I have received many orders for this one in a 1950’s theme and omg I love them! Perfectly paired with a birdcage veil which is so stylish and available with a variety of appliques and embellishments. Or your can go the Elizabeth Taylor way and have a two layered “high-low” option in the chapel veil, elbow veil or fingertip veil for your classic look!

You can also always just go with a beautiful wedding hair do, floral crown, hair comb or pins. No matter what you choose make it your own! You don’t need a veil especially these days and it’s your wedding day so make the decision that works best for you ;)

I hope this has inspired you to find exactly what you’re looking for, for your special day, don’t forget it is YOUR day!

Your Designer,

Amanda Garrett

If you're looking for a great way to plan your wedding day, check out it is such a helpful tool to making all your wedding day seams come true.

(All Accessories were created by A.M.E.G. Designs (Shop Now!), Floral crown created by Rain Drops on Roses Floral, Gold Crown by Blair Nadeau Bridal Adornments)

A Pink Wedding Dress

This was the second wedding dress that I ever made and how much FUN! This two in one twirling ruffle and cocktail style was perfect for this bride. AS I tell a lot of my brides with custom you can do anything and this shows you that 100%! She wore this one for her at home wedding from city hall to love with family. It was such a pleasure to be apart of this because I’ve known Meghan for such a long time and for her to help support my beginning is amazing! You can see in these fantastic shots shes absolutely stunning.


A truly special experience

“Amanda takes all the ideas you throw at her and brings it to life. The finished product was even better then the vision I had in my mind! I was so happy with this beautiful dress but even more happy with all the time spent with the designer. She's a one of a kind soul and those are the people you want creating for you!”

Looking for a custom dress or accessory? Let’s chat!

Your Designer,

Amanda Garrett

Blue Lace Dress

This dress was so lovely to create, from finding the fabric to piecing it together. I loved every minute of it. The lace overlay is gorgeous and the sleeves give it an elegance you just can not deny. To be worn for two weddings, my client was so pleased with the outcome, she had to put it on again when she got home from picking it up. I am so happy to help her illuminate the room with her presence in this beautiful piece.

Dresses should be made to be versatile as often as possible. I believe that with this one you can dress it up or down and wear it all throughout the year.

Every time you wear a dress it should help you to feel radiant and free. Free to be exactly yourself and comfortable throughout your entire day or event. I know what it feels like to be uncomfortable in your own skin and it helps so much to wear a piece of clothing that helps dissolve those feelings. Enter Moi! I can make sure that your dream dress is the perfect fit for your frame and vision.

(Photos are from my Holiday Fashion Show check out more from that coming soon!)

Beautiful work by;

Photographer Michelle Liane Photography

Hair Piece Bow Appetit By Marie

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Your Designer,

Amanda Garrett

Boho Wedding

Boho Wedding

Last spring I created a simply elegant bohemian wedding dress for a Spring Photoshoot with Michelle Liane Photography. My favourite thing about these collaboration shoots, is that I am given a rough idea and can run with it. Being creative is one of the best things life can offer, the joy I feel when it all comes together is just the greatest thing! Working with so many other amazing creatives is so worth while. You will see that the beauty that comes from each of us illuminates through the moments that were captured in the shoot.

This couple was real, completely and totally in love and it shows. Little do you know the sweet nothings being whispered were pretty silly jokes which made her laugh so incredibly true. I know that my guy would be the same way, silly and trying to make me laugh, so people aren’t super lovey dovey and that’s okay! I think even on a wedding day being silly is one of the reasons she has chosen to be with him or vise versa. These captures are stunning and I am so happy that even though I was 7 months pregnant at the time I could totally be apart of it. You wouldn’t know that there were a million mosquitos and it rained basically the whole time, HA!


Read More

Summer Wedding in Caledon

I created a dress for a rustic stylized wedding shoot. A great collaboration of local businesses coming together thanks to Michelle Liane, an amazing photographer that brought her vision alive with through local businesses. The shoot was fantastic, set in Caledon, ON, she used the elements of the earth, and with the help of the wind shot some beautifully breath taking pictures. From the moment this dress was together, I fell in love! Every time I walked into my living room and saw it, this rush of excitement went through my veins. From start to finish this was a fun, whimsical piece to create. Thank you so much Michelle Liane Photography for including me in this fabulous experience.  I am so proud to have been apart of this and so excited that we were featured on The Bride Link blog. 

Beautiful work by;
Photography: Michelle Liane
Photography Assistant: Catherine Flanigan
Model: Rebecca Quinn
Dress Designer: AMEG Designs
Jewelry: Sanči
Hair Stylist: Lilian Wilson
Makeup Artist: Sarah Saccomanno - Makeup Artist
Florist: Raindrops on Roses Floral Design
Cake: Lipstick Baker Custom Cakes

If you're planning a farm/barn wedding, this dress would be the perfect style for the event! I find that elegant and simple is the way to go when it comes to these types of venues. SOME great venues in the GTA are; 


Est. 2018

This Brand new Venue is a fabuslous desitination for your dream wedding. It has an abundance of beautiful settings for enchanting, rustic photographs. With it's high ceilings and clean canvas you can let your imagination run wild with this stuff 4300 sqft historic barn. Rainbow Valley Wedding Barn - Caledon, ON


Fantastic Concept

Basically a one stop wedding shop, I love this! Providing all services under one roof or where ever you would like for that matter. However I love their little venue, super intimate and would be the perfect setting for a small wedding. It could even still be amazingly rustic if you wanted it to be. All you would need is a custom dress from A.M.E.G. Designs and the Coach House Weddings - Mississauga, ON


The Dream

This one is beautiful for sure, you can choose from several areas to have your wedding and show case you in your perfect and elegant gown for your fabulous photos. Again making it as rustic as you wish. Fantasy Farm - Toronto, ON

Want to book for 2019 for a rustic style wedding dress or whatever you hearts desire? 

Contact Your Designer Amanda Garrett, it would be my pleasure to make all your dress dreams come true!