Wedding Bouquets

I have done a lot of wedding shoots creating stunning dresses to coincide with other talented wedding vendors. One thing you always notice in these shoots. are the beautiful floral arrangements and bouquets. I really have been wanting to share some gorgeous inspiration and options with you so you can find something you love and maybe even have a florist close to home that you had no idea existed.

Simple, elegant and green, is sometimes the best way to go. You can do a really light and airy look and have a really sweet colour like the pinks in these captures to create a soft and lovely wedding theme. (For more from this shoot)

Floral Designer - Flwr Club

Again very soft and light but with a whimsical type of theme, very flowing and care free. This bouquet is one that jumps out at you in the most beautiful way. I love the combinations used here and then the subtleties used for the cake and her hair are the perfect match up.

Floral Designer - Raindrops on Roses (she’s actually one of my faves and I have worked with Chi several times, she creates that most fantastic floral designs.)

This is so BOHO I love these flowers, again very carefree and simple with just the right amount of everything, the way it all just comes together perfectly for these shoots on the day of is amazing. It is literally like planning a wedding, minus the guests and giant bill haha, in only a few months.

Floral Designer - Rain Drops on Roses

This one gives a few different options and totally for spring/summer. When we did this shoot there was a snow storm the night before and it was absolutely freezing outside, these floral definitely had us dreaming of warmer weather. The floor arrangement was tall and perfect for your alter, a hanging bouquet for a more dramatic feel and one that was so bright and sunny I could feel the sun, while the last was soft and just the ultimate summer loving kind of bouquet.

Floral Designer - Hilary Adele Floral Design

Omgoodness this shoot smelt incredible let me tell you, all the fresh fruit and florals I was in heaven. I love the bright and gorgeous colours used for this one. I actually had a dress that had a pink skirt, so gorgeous. I can’t show you too much of this one because we are waiting to be featured, BUT I had to share these little snippets of a fabulous array of colours (heart eyes all day!)

Floral Designer - @mariakarimfloristry

Slowly inching through summer and transitioning into fall. This floral crown was perfect for this 1970’s shoot taking from the gorgeous bouquet that had orange Gerbera daisies that are just my dream flower, they’re so pretty and soft. These again can be paired with many different styles of weddings, outdoor and boho come to mind. I just think if you want a flower crown then wear one!

Floral Designer - Rain Drops on Roses (can you tell I love her!)

Okay here comes fall and such stunning rich colours, each designed beautifully by the amazing Rain drops on Roses. I just love working with her because I know her work is always going to be absolutely flawless. That floral crown was definitely a perfect piece for this elopement wedding shoot but would one hundred percent be a wonderful piece for a destination wedding. That’s a little how I see this shoot, like a destination wedding, with the skirt that is removable on that gown.

Another Bohemian Beauty, these deep delicious colours scream fall, the burgundies, oranges, greens and pops of blue are everything. I was not able to be at the shoot but the captures made that day have me swooning for fall and comfy clothes (I love everything fall - little known fact about me!) - See more here!

Floral Designer - Labelle Fleur Design

Last but not least on this epic floral journey, some that are made with fabric, fake flowers and paper! The stunning, handmade floral fabric bouquet is one of my favourites for sure. Marie is so talented at what she does, making hair bows and clips. I asked her if she could create this and she blew me away. I can’t find the girl that made the paper flowers for me but a bouquet with these created by someone who is really good, could do something really stunning for you. The fake flowers bouquet was made by yours truly for a shoot I did with the second wedding dress I ever made, yes it was pink! (Check the link to see more!)

Fabric Bouquet - Bow Appetit by Marie

So get creative girl, there are so many options out there, I’d love for this to help you to narrow down your search.

I hope this inspires you!

Your Designer,

Amanda Garrett

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