Finding the Perfect Wedding dress for your body type

What do you love to wear?

You may be thinking, okay what does what kind of dress that I love wearing normally have to do with my wedding dress? SO here’s the thing, if you know what fits your body, empire waist, drop waist, fitted, flowing, etc. Then you will have a rough idea of a style that will work for your wedding day. Also, knowing your specific body type goes hand in hand with the idea of your dream dress. Every BODY is so different, that you would see a model who has a completely different body then you and love a dress but once it is on you, you realize your shape makes it look different. There is nothing wrong with this, but with custom I have found over the years, that I can adjust a gown to better fit your body instead of a cookie cutter style of dress that will end up making you feel uncomfortable.

Now I am sure that you have started creating boards and saving pictures of what you would love to wear on your wedding day. That is fabulous! Knowing the fabrics that you’re loving and the style makes it so much easier to narrow down what will make your heart sing when you try dresses on. This will then allow you to find the silhouette that will accentuate your assets and leave your less-loved characteristics out. With my help, I cut and fit a dress exactly to your shape. This means that depending on fabrics and weight lose you may only need one fitting and a final pickup. Also your alterations are INCLUDED in the price so you don’t have to worry about additional costs once you get your dress. How fantastic is that!

Now let’s talk silhouette and body type;

Petite Frame

You don’t want to wear something that you seem to be swimming in, this is mainly for us shorties out there, but if it is too big it can be overwhelming for your body.

A sheath or more fitted trumpet gown would be perfect. If you are wanting to go with a ball gown, a drop waist princess cut would work well because It will lengthen your torso and give you a bit more curve.

A plunging V-Neck with a sustainable strap, elongates that neck and draws the eye upward, which is where we want everyone to be looking anyways right?!

An empire waist style is lovely to give the illusion of long legs and flows really beautifully outward.

Simple fabric, appliques and beading that aren’t too overwhelming can be exceptional design details for you.

Curvy Frame (Hourglass)

Illusions can be your best friend (if that is what you’re looking for) or do you want a style that celebrates all your curves. then you don’t want to miss out on this!

As is for the petite women, the empire waist will give a lengthening effect pairing with a chiffon sleeved skirt, acting as a whimsical and delicate cover up.

A lace illusion styled neckline can be very slimming when paired with a cummerbund-style waistline.

Having an lace off-shoulder neckline, if you’re more narrow, can provide a beautiful long neck and show off the collar bone perfectly. Pair that with a sweetheart underlay and you’re golden. (This is one I have created several times)

Sheath can totally be the way go, creating a long and lean look while accentuating your curves at the same time. High necklines and slight trains for the win!

Accessories like a darker colour sash draws the eye in, creating a slimmer waistline.

Scoop necklines help you to avoid a strapless bra for those who have voluptuous cup size.

The dropped waist silhouette or basque waistline enhances the hourglass figure.

Long & Lean Frame (Athletic)

Most gowns were created with you in mind, as many models have a straight body type. Here are some types to give you some curves and options that not every bride can pull off like you can!

Sheath with it’s different styled necklines.

Contouring seams at the hips can create a curve for the eyes.

Show off those legs girl, with a slit at whatever length you desire, the higher the better ;)

High necklines and a full A-line skirt can balance your height while showcasing it.

Illusion necklines with trickling lace, leaving a hint of bare skin shows off your long beautiful neck.

Crop tops and skirts, yep that’s right you can do it!

Ballgowns are just right because they won’t overwhelm your tall figure.

Top Heavy (Busty)

If you have girl problems, and I mean “the girls” then this one is for you! You can reveal or conceal!

Illusion necklines paired with a sweet heart can be every bit as supportive as it is delicate and elegant.

The sweet heart with straps and a full skirt will balance your frame and keep those “girls” in check.

If you want to go strapless, you can with a straight across neckline as this actually minimizes your assets.

The square neckline is perfect because it is not too revealing and is super supportive.

You can still do a plunging V if you want to, go as deep or as high as you would like. The best part about custom is you can really choose how low you can go.

A draped cowl neck sits seamlessly over your bust allowing you to have more options with a more figure-hugging gown.

At the end of the day, try dresses on! I recommend this unless you know 100% the vision you have will be perfect for your body. I have had clients love one thing and then I need to make adjustments once we get to the first fitting because it does something to their figure they hate. The good thing is, I can change it, YAY! So ladies whatever your body type their is a dress out there for you, all you have to know is what fits you well in life, what you want and you’ll be set!

Looking for suggestions let me know, I’d be happy to discuss options that would fit you seamlessly :)

I hope this inspires you!

Your Designer,

Amanda Garrett

Boho Wedding

Boho Wedding

Last spring I created a simply elegant bohemian wedding dress for a Spring Photoshoot with Michelle Liane Photography. My favourite thing about these collaboration shoots, is that I am given a rough idea and can run with it. Being creative is one of the best things life can offer, the joy I feel when it all comes together is just the greatest thing! Working with so many other amazing creatives is so worth while. You will see that the beauty that comes from each of us illuminates through the moments that were captured in the shoot.

This couple was real, completely and totally in love and it shows. Little do you know the sweet nothings being whispered were pretty silly jokes which made her laugh so incredibly true. I know that my guy would be the same way, silly and trying to make me laugh, so people aren’t super lovey dovey and that’s okay! I think even on a wedding day being silly is one of the reasons she has chosen to be with him or vise versa. These captures are stunning and I am so happy that even though I was 7 months pregnant at the time I could totally be apart of it. You wouldn’t know that there were a million mosquitos and it rained basically the whole time, HA!


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Wedding Accessories

A few years ago now, I had the amazing opportunity to work with such a wonderful bride. Her dress needed some alterations and she wanted to add some accessories that made her feel so incredible on her wedding day. She had been nervous and had some doubts about the dress before the alterations. When your body changes during and after pregnancy, it can be hard not to worry about how clothes look on you now compared to what that used to be. Let me tell you though, my biggest goal is to help you look and FEEL absolutely beautiful inside and out. After altering and adding a fabulous sash to her dress, as well as, making a hair piece to complete the ensemble. She was absolutely stunning!

There are times where I end up doing alterations for other members of the bridal party and for this one I altered the sister of the grooms dress who was also a Bridesmaid. I love so much when I can be apart of making more than just the Bride happy. When every women I provide my services for can dance the night away at the wedding too! Take a look at how wonderful and happy both Bride and Groom were on the special day. You can also peek at the Bridesmaid dresses they were really stunning as well. Ahh, don’t you love reminiscing about the things that just turn out so well!

Photos captured by Picture Pro Studios

You can see more stunning photos of this wedding and more in their Galleries :)

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Your Designer,

Amanda Garrett