Spencer's at the Waterfront || A wedding and a girl in her Polka Dot Dress

I am so thrilled when my brides send me loads of their beautiful photos. Photographers are definitely one of my favourite wedding vendors. They get to capture every breath taking moment when everything comes together and the couple's can finally just celebrate their love and all the hard work that goes into planning a wedding. It's really just like a big exhale after the "I will take yous". To see my brides feeling wonderful and looking exactly how they wanted to look is just the most wonderful thing. They can focus on all the love to be shared that day in a dress that was cut and sewn to perfectly fit them. It's really a phenomenal thing to get these captures, I'm always in awe.

This one bride was no exception, working with Natasha was such a pleasure. She is one of the sweetest and kindest people I have ever met. She knew exactly what she wanted from the start only sending me the front and back of a 1950s polkadot wedding dress she had found on Pinterest. I was ecstatic because I love doing different era pieces! Together with her fabulous mother, we sat down and agreed to get started. It is a huge goal of mine to find the best fabrics and create as close as I can to the vision the bride has. That being said I searched high and low, through every fabric store I knew just to find the right polkadot fabric. To no avail it was no where to be found, but you can't say I ever give up. I know no matter what I'm looking for, I find the exact one or better. I hit Etsy and there it was, the perfect polkadot fabric to fulfill her dress dreams. Natashas wedding was in 2018 but I know she still loves and adores the dress I created for her. If I were to message her now she would tell me the same.

Best day ever!

“My wedding dress was absolutely perfect. Amanda took the time to really understand what I was looking for and what I got was beyond my expectations! She is professional, communicates effectively and has the biggest heart -she truly created a beautiful wedding dress that I couldn't have imagined. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing designer.”

The wedding looked gorgeous, from the photos she sent me by the very talented Mike Rees, you are in for a serious treat.

I hope this has inspired you to look into custom dresses, you can have everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

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Your Designer,

Amanda Garrett