Bridesmaid Proposal

Wedding Party Gifts

CHEERS, TO YOUR LADIES! Celebrating your ladies of awesomeness for everything they do to help you have the best day you deserve, is sooooo important! Dedicating time and energy that they have given to you because you're loved so much... So right now you can get some beautiful custom pieces that are the sweetest keepsakes. 

I helped my sister plan her wedding, I know everything that goes into it. Time, energy, money and love. Planning and executing every party, outing, up to the very last detail on the day. Sure you can have a planner but your ladies still do quite a bit. Remember to treat these wonderful women you chose with so much love and respect, they didn’t have to say yes they wanted to!

Here’s a beautiful photo shoot of a bride giving her Maid of Honor a box with some treasured keepsakes. You can see the love and happiness they have for one another and it is so wonderful. Her Maid of Honor then surprised her with a little custom made box of her own because the Bride also deserves to be celebrated. I think that is one of my favourite things about weddings, you end up honoring so many people in your life and showing so much love to them.

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